How much does it cost me to use your service ?

Cost will depend on whether the position is contract or direct hire. Our mark-up percentage on contract roles is extremely competitive. Our Direct Hire placement fee is also extremely competitive and comes with a 90 day guarantee.

What kind of checks do you provide ?

We do 7 year background, drug screen, education verification and reference checking. We have optional credit checks done as required by our clients

What kind of jobs do you fill ?

We provide staffing services in IT, Engineer, Finance & Accounting, Manufacturing, Administrative, Executive role and Professional Services. We have a large database and it is constantly growing. We have very talented recruiters that can fill diverse openings.

What is your guarantee policy ?

For our direct hires we have a 90 day guarantee. For all other roles, if you do not like a candidate we would simply replace them for you

Why would I use your services when we have an inhouse recruiting staff ?

We work in complement to your existing HR/Talent Acquisition staff. Your staff may have too many requisitions to work on, or there maybe very specialized hard to find skills that you need help with. Or it is just a short project that you want to get a temp quickly on. Plus, you do not pay us until you hire someone from us.

If you have any further questions that we have not answered for you, please call us at 770-923-9300

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