Personal Injury - Paralegal Experience: 16 Education: Certified - Paralegal Location: Roswell, GA Salary: $55K

Senior Paralegal with experience in Pre-Litigation, Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Class Action, Wills/Probate, and Real Estate Matters.

Long Description

Senior Paralegal with experience in Pre-Litigation, Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Class Action, Wills/Probate, and Real Estate Matters.

Pre-Litigation/Litigation Paralegal                                                                                               09/2014-01/2018  
Pre-Litigation Paralegal/Case Manager                                                                                   09/2012 – 09/2014
In both of the above positions, I assisted managing partners and attorneys with case preparation (over 100 cases from Intake to Trial), trained other paralegal support staff, and provided administrative support, such as answering phones, filing papers, organizing files, and legal documents.
 Detailed responsibilities are provided below:
  • Researched and analyzed law sources, such as statues, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, and legal codes
  • Prepared legal documents, such as briefs, motions, pleadings, interrogatories, subpoenas, appeals, contracts, etc.
  •  Summarized depositions and other legal transcripts
  • Conducted interviews with clients and witnesses and presented findings/results to attorneys
  • Performed intake screenings, set up insurance claims, and prepared initial letters of representation to insurance companies and healthcare providers
  •  Prepared and negotiated settlement of cases with insurance adjusters
  • Prepared settlement distribution agreements, negotiated provider balances, and conducted lien searches
  • Requested and analyzed police reports, medical records, and insurance policies
  •  Scheduled opposing party and physician depositions
  • Attended trials, hearings, and other legal functions with attorney
  • Notarized legal documents Law Offices of Rosier & Associates 02/2002 – 09/2012 Senior Paralegal Lanham, Maryland
  •  Assisted attorneys in carrying out preparations for trials, hearings, depositions, and real estate closings (pre-closing/post-closing commercial/residential)
  • Drafted contracts, legal agreements, addendums, and closing documents
  • Prepared letters of intent/estoppel agreements and filed title objection letters
  •  Attended closings, met with title and escrow officers, and City/County planning officers
  •  Severed as a Case Manager in nationwide settlement Fen-Phen Litigation, Engle Trust Litigation, Medical Malpractice, and Asbestos Litigation (over 500 cases) 
  • Achieved high-level of success working with Medicate/Medicaid and ERISA claims
  •  Notarized legal documents
Problem Solver:
  • Able to act collaboratively in resolving problems/issues by presenting effective solutions.
Team Builder:
  • Able to work well with others and help build a cohesive working environment by helping others learn and increase knowledge transfer. 
  • Able to appropriately express opinions in written and verbal form by using audience-appropriate language.
Time Management:
  • Able to multi-task and organize/prioritize work by devoting adequate time and attention to individual tasks. 
ATO, Needles, Client Profiles, CaseLode, SharePoint, Amicus Attorney, Soft Pro, Westlaw, Lexis Nexus, CaseMap, PACER, Live Note, E-filing, Microsoft Office (Excel, Power Point, Word, Access, Outlook), SAP, Adobe, Quicken
Boston University Paralegal Certificate