Pricing Manager Experience: 9+ Education: Bachelors Marketing Management Location: Norcross, GA Salary: $63K

An experienced pricing professional with a background  in market and pricing analysis, project management, and team leadership in industrial manufacturing, packaging, and construction wholesales industries from a local to global scale. Managed, scheduled, and coordinated construction projects valued up to $850M.  Performed analysis and structured contracts for projects valued in excess of $30MM. Developed close relationships with outside sales teams and sales management to improve profitability and market share through targeted pricing actions.

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Pricing Analyst

An experienced pricing professional with a background  in market and pricing analysis, project management, and team leadership in industrial manufacturing, packaging, and construction wholesales industries from a local to global scale. Managed, scheduled, and coordinated construction projects valued up to $850M. Performed analysis and structured contracts for projects valued in excess of $30MM. Developed close relationships with outside sales teams and sales management to improve profitability and market share through targeted pricing actions.
April 2017 – April 2018
Pricing Manager

Pricing Manager responsible for the Specialty Products division of HillPhoenix.  Set pricing policies for the division and oversaw a team of 15 employees.
•     Performed product line and customer profitability reviews to identify opportunities for profitability improvement. Made recommendations for internal efficiency improvement and external price gain targets
•     Oversaw a team of 15 employees, coached employees through weak points and areas of improvement, and set margin and price targets for the team. Held final review of large scale or low margin strategic opportunities
•     Worked closely with Sales and Sales Management to developed Quick Quote tool for the Small Format market segment to allow for quoting of narrowed product selection in the field by outside sales reps. Initiative allowed us to be more responsive to our customers and led to increased sales and decreased quote time
•     Responsible for weekly and monthly financial review and reporting. Provided reports to upper management for monthly and quarterly strategic planning
•     Helped develop 2018 AOP.  Responsible for defining key positions for price and profitability improvement to hit price improvement goals for 2018
August 2015 – April 2017
Senior Pricing Analyst

Senior Pricing Analyst responsible for national and market-based pricing strategy for the Building Materials & Fasteners and Commodities categories.
•     Performed market and profitability analysis to determine pricing strategy within my categories to drive sales growth and margin improvement
•     Worked closely with Category Management, Sales Leadership, and Data Management to improve pricing processes, system pricing, and price execution
•     Heavily involved in matrix pricing initiative. Created matrix templates, customized matrix strategy for individual accounts, and worked with sales leadership to implement matrix pricing in their markets.
•     Designed and implemented a new report and meeting process to increase sales leadership involvement in commodity pricing and review process, in order to improve market pricing strategy and increase market share and gross margin
•     Worked with Category Management to evaluate the value of our strategic partnerships with one of our largest suppliers relative to other competing products. Performed market and profitability analysis that was used to aid in decision making and supplier contract negotiations to ensure optimal cost positioning and mix in this segment

•     Performed market, price, and cost analysis for a major product line launch and deployment. Decision was made to change suppliers and product lines based on this analysis. New product was launched and resulted in increased profitability of product line and segment
July 2013 – August 2015
Pricing Analyst II

Pricing analyst responsible for all program and opportunity-based pricing in the Northwest, Southwest, Processor,
and National Accounts Regions of the United States across all grade levels and product offerings.
•     Performed market and competitive analysis to determine pricing strategy within the market in order to ensure maximum profitability and drive margin growth
•     Worked closely with the manufacturing division to maximize run and machine efficiency while meeting customers’ needs in a timely fashion
•     Conducted training session with internal and external sales staff to familiar them with our products and internal processes
•     Interfaced with internal and external sales reps to interpret customer needs, make product and bundling recommendations, and guide negotiation strategies to optimize pricing and profitability
•     Worked with Pricing and Manufacturing management to redevelop pricing tools and calculations to capture previously overlooked waste in the manufacturing process, which resulted in increased profitability and more accurate cost analysis at two manufacturing facilities within first sixty days of employment
•     Assumed responsibility for managing and redesigning quote communications tools.  Implemented improvements which allowed for easier and faster completion by sales reps, and decreased quote errors due to miscommunicated or inaccurate quote requests
•     Restructured and standardized internal cost analysis tools and developed an RFP summation tool that significantly reduced man hours required to develop costing and bids for large RFP projects
October 2008 – February 2013
Pricing Analyst

Responsible for managing program and opportunity-based pricing the Southeastern United States across all product
offerings. Later, transitioned to overseeing the Central United States, and added responsibility for pricing in export markets.
•     Performed market and competitive analysis to determine appropriate price point positioning within the market and relative to competitors’ offerings and capabilities in order to ensure maximum profitability
•     Managed a monthly report on proposal activity, calculated and reported out on success rate, both overall and separated into various product and regional segments. Reported out to pricing management, which was used to determine price sensitivity in the marketplace and gauge the competitiveness of our pricing strategy against our competition
•     Managed a dynamic database to track and report on controlled access accounts. Tracked and managed changes to account list, reported out to sales and pricing management on order quantities, regularities, and fluctuations, and made recommendations on accounts’ status
•     Oversaw design and transition of controlled access account tracking into Designed and implemented training for sales, pricing and customer service teams in the function and use of controlled accounts in, resulting in better dissemination and application of knowledge and improving the service experience from the customer’s perspective
•     Managed a weekly scorecard on individual target opportunities, tracked the win/lose rate, and distributed opportunity report to sales staff and senior sales management with relevant recommendations, which provided greater visibility of current marketplace trends and activities
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (Blacksburg, VA) BS, Marketing Management – Pamplin College of Business
Yellow Belt Certified in Lean Six Sigma
Trained and experienced in the use of SAP, PROS, SharePoint,, PRMS, Blacksmith, and Oracle

Highly  experienced with Microsoft Office  Suite,  especially Microsoft Excel and  Microsoft Access
Significant experience building and  managing pricing tools  and  performing large  set  data  analytics focused   on trend analyses/ competitive analyses/ cost analyses/ and pricing performance.
Certified 2nd  Degree   Black  Belt  in Kobudo  through the  Gi Yu Dojo  of Dayton, Ohio.  Recognized   with awards for leadership and  perseverance within the  Gi Yu Dojo  community.