Harshi,      Jun 1 2018 11:08AM

What to Expect from Temp Agencies

A very common question for employers, how to find the right temp agency for recruitments? It is not that tough once you are aware of the basic services to look for in  before selecting a temp agency. This article explores fundamental services that agencies offer and what you should be asking during your selection process.

Temp agencies are a really effective group for recruitment. When you need some additional employees at the last minute, it is the temp agency who can be the best help for you in this situation. Also, small companies take the help of such agencies for recruiting temporary employees since they cannot afford any permanent worker.

  • Cost-effective: Since small companies have constricted budget, they usually hire these agencies to cut down their expenses for the recruitment process. These agencies are helpful as they take care of the whole process of interviewing and evaluation of a candidate and charge the employers a reasonable amount. So, it is important to check the fee structure of the staffing agency before hiring them.

  • Specialization: Another important question that needs to be asked before hiring a staffing agency is what is the field of their specialization? Many agencies are specialized in recruiting employees who are interested in short-term agreements which allow them to pursue other interests alongside their job. Some are specialized in only one kind of industry maybe. Whichever agency you choose should match your company’s requirements in their specialization.

  • Business records: It is always safe and necessary to check the background of your selected agency before hiring them. This shall give you an idea of their performance with other companies. You surely don’t want to hire a poorly performed agency.

  • Wide availability of candidates: Before hiring a temp agency, check the availability of their candidates and check if it matches with your preference and requirement.

  • Evaluation: Check the evaluation process of the temp agencies kept in consideration before hiring. This allows you to be sure of the final selection of competitive candidates provided by your agency.

  • Time saving: The whole point of hiring a staffing agency is to avoid wastage of time in recruiting new people. Enquire the agency to give an estimate of time needed to deliver final list of candidates. This will prove their effectiveness.

  • Additional services: Ensure before choosing the agency, whether they conduct a detailed background study or not. This keeps your company away from any kind of threats. Check if your package includes this detailed examination or not as these extra services can be really useful.

  • Deal with wrong placements: You should inquire about the policy of managing wrong placements. Mistakes are still forgivable as long as the agency takes responsibility for the replacement. Such agencies pass the test for being the right one to be hired.

          It is a tricky thing to choose the right temp agency but following the above-mentioned suggestions you are sure to select the best agency for your company.

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