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Staffing Agencies for your Company

A big organization often opts for a staffing agency to hire a technical person for long-term as well as for short-term projects. Selecting a recruiting firm is a crucial decision. A job seeker should be clear about his objectives. Below are the points which a job seeker or organization should take into consideration while selecting an agency.

Finding a specialized staffing agency is very important. An agency with specialization for hiring Java developers’ candidates should be preferred by the organizations working with Java expertise. Similarly, a job seeker with Java  experience should consider selecting that agency. A Java candidate will have no use selecting that agency as that is not their specialization.

Interview the Agency
Like how candidates get interviewed, a temp agency should be interviewed by candidates or organizations. They should ask the agency if they have already had success in placing candidates of various job profiles in different organizations. Questions like, how much time will it take to get the job for the candidate, how frequently the agency will keep the candidate/organization updated can come very handy. These can be asked during the interview.

Staffing Agency Experience
Experience always count. How long the staffing agency is working in this field can make a huge difference to you. The experienced agencies will be more organized. They will take less time to complete their job than a relatively new firm with no experience. Placing a candidate will be hassle-free when the agency has a good prior experience.

Terms and Conditions
The best staffing agencies are very nimble and do their work quickly. Choosing an agency which does not have any inflexible conditions can save a lot of headaches. Sometimes organizations select a temp agency with long-term contracts because they are looking for security. Organizations need to select those agencies that give them flexible services. Organizations should be able to switch off their contacts if they are not happy with the agency’s performance.

Placement Fees
Getting the cost details as soon as possible is good. Some staffing firms will ask for some percentage of the salary once the candidate gets the job. Some firms will ask for a fee for candidate placement. Staffing agencies will provide different levels of service and their fees will vary accordingly.

Track Record of the Staffing Agency
A job seeker and an organization should acquire a good knowledge of the staffing firm’s history before selecting it. Some staffing agencies will have many years of experience but their track record will not be so good.

The expertise of the Staffing Agency
It is important to know the level of expertise a staffing agency has to hire candidates of different profiles.
Ask these questions before selecting the agency:

  • What are their new innovative ideas?
  • Have they ever gone with an out of the box strategy to hire a candidate?
  • How much of a network does that agency have?

Know What You Need
The employer must know its requirement very clearly. They should communicate to the temp agency about what they are looking for. Some organization’s idea of intermediate level can be equal to other organization’s advanced level.

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