Harshi,      Jun 1 2018 10:10AM

Best Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

Interviews are the most important aspect of the selection process for various jobs. It brings before you the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and gives you a glimpse at his intentions for joining the company. It is during job interviews that the candidate gets the opportunity to show you what makes him or her stand out of the crowd; as a manager, it is your duty to efficiently analyse the shortlisted candidates for the company’s sake. Whether it is a staffing agency or a temp Agency, interviews are the final judgement!

Cover the Basics
Interviewing is a two-way street. If you expect the candidate to match up to your expectations, the interviewer must also be equally efficient. He or she must be thorough with the candidate’s resume and job description. If you are conducting an interview for the first time, it is likely that you will be almost as stressed as the interviewee. In such scenarios, it is better to take aid from your staffing agency. They will help you with the candidate’s background information and you’ll breeze through the question and answer session confidently! A good staffing agency makes sure that the interviewer is well prepared.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere
Often, people tend to lose their personal charm under stress. This is especially true in case of a formal interview. As the interview manager, it is your job to make sure that the candidate can give his or her best. This way you can ensure that you do not lose out on a nervous but otherwise efficient employee. Try to be patient when the person on the other side of the table is speaking; do not rush them to wrap up.

Prepare your questions
Any temp agency would always advise you to prepare a question pattern beforehand. Writing these down as bullets ensure that no important question goes amiss. Asking similar questions to the different shortlisted candidates will help to judge them on an equal basis. A variety of the questions also helps in determining various aspects of the potential employee.

An efficient interview manager will conduct the same in such a way so that the candidate doesn’t feel like he’s at the court. Simple yes-no questions should be included in more comprehensive questions that require the interviewee to speak at a stretch. In case the candidate seems confused, clarify your question by framing it differently.

Be Assertive
As an interviewer, you should be totally adept at what you do. Make it a point to be clear about what you want. Avoid asking extremely vague questions and stick to your prepared list as far as possible. Ask them to provide concrete examples instead of only giving them hypothetical scenarios. In this way, you will be able to form a better assessment of the candidate.

Conclude on a Positive Note
Interviews can make or break a potential candidate’s shot at a company. There is immense pressure on the candidate to perform well. Any staffing agency would recommend ending the interview on a good note. Take into consideration the entire interview, instead of focussing on the occasional moments when the interviewee lost his or her cool.

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