Harshi,      May 14 2018 9:31AM

Market Yourself for a Job

Today’s digital environment requires you to polish your social media platforms even before thinking about applying for a job. Companies and staffing agencies use social media to aid in selecting staff. The best approach is to prepare yourself.  You can stand out with your intelligence, drive, skills and your social media footprint. It is recommended that your social media profiles show your strengths.

LinkedIn is where you can list your skills and receive endorsements from colleagues and friends. Your Twitter account will be reviewed to see how eloquently you express your ideas.  Therefore, before you apply for a job, it is best to spurs up your social media platforms, so you are seen as a great candidate.

If you are applying for senior positions any industry such as, information technology, engineering or human resources, you probably have the experience to do the job.  You still have to think about your competition.  You will need a way to make your resume and job interview standout.

In an article by The Muse “The Ultimate Interview Guide: 30 Prep Tips for Job Interview Success” you can do various things to make your interview a success. For example, you can prepare yourself for the interview by seeing who the critical people in the company are and how you can impress them. You can review the company’s social media sites. If the company has a product the article recommends you try it out, therefore, you can speak about it during the interview.

Another tip is to try to think about questions that will come up during the interview. One question that might come up is, tell me about your management skills. You can think about how you will answer these types questions based on the needs of the company and your experience.

Appearance is still essential, and it is recommended to dress business professional for interviews. You will need to make sure you look put together from top to bottom. Body language matters during your job interview. Therefore, you can show your confidence by having good posture, making eye contact and having a positive attitude.  

At the end of the interview it is recommended to shake hands with everyone in the interview room is possible.  While the interview is over, keep your smile and good posture until you exit the vicinity.  Good body language goes a long way.

If you align yourself with a staffing agency, it will increase your chances of landing the job. Staffing agencies are usually familiar with the company you are applying to so they coach you on both your resume and interview.  After your interview, you can send your interviewer a thank you email to show your interest in the position. You can mention anything you might have forgotten to bring up during the interview, or something you need to clarify. If you do go with a staffing agency, you will have a higher chance of being hired as companies are paying these agencies to present them with suitable candidates.

Pic Source: www.pixabay.com