Harshi,      May 4 2018 9:56AM

Staffing Agencies for Spring Hiring

Your first financial quarter is over. You made it! Your company now needs to hire more staff members as a result of your projected growth. Although this is a good thing, the hiring process can be unnerving to most companies. Managers undergo major pressure to hire the right people for these jobs, particularly if ex-employees have been the cause of past negative experiences in the workplace. However stressful this process may be, you can always rely on staffing agencies to assist your company with the hiring process.

Of course, staffing agencies will do their best to find the right candidate because they benefit from offering you excellent choices. These firms know it is essential to find the right talent for your company’s specific needs. Their business is your business! Therefore, look for agencies that specialize in your company’s industry. Some agencies are considered as industry insiders because they tend to have access to a pool of experts who can fit your company's specific needs. The expectation from these candidates is they can understand what is required to get the job done.

Staffing firms are excellent at finding high-quality candidates, and most businesses have that expectation anyway considering this a paid service. You can also expect these agencies to work with your company’s budget. Look for firms that offer competitive rates, have experience in the staffing industry, and allows you have temporary staff with the option to hire full-time in case they become an integral part of your team.

Reasons for Using Staffing Services:
• If you only need people for a few months, the agency sets those expectation with the candidate, so they will not expect you keep them for other projects.
• You do not have pay unemployment claims. The agency handles that as these candidates work for the agencies
• Human resource procedures are done by the staffing agencies
• They understand the real needs of jobs in various fields. Therefore, you will be presented candidates that can start working on their task with little training needed.
• You can ask for a replacement of staff it the first candidate does not work out.
• If you need to offer the flexible hours as a perk, staffing agencies can help you find candidates that are looking for similar needs.

After you have found your ideal candidate, staff retention is another item you need to consider. Companies seem to be offering flexibility in working from home and office hours. According to a blog post by Manon DeFelic, “Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire Flexible Workers Now”, companies benefit from offering employees flexibility in work schedules and allowing staff to work remotely. The article quoted a Gallup poll which stated, out of 15,000 workers surveyed 43% worked remotely. The option to work remotely is a bargaining chip you can use to keep your employees happy, and your business healthy.

Pic Source: www.pexels.com