Harshi,      Oct 25 2017 10:36AM

Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency

You may be wondering if using a staffing agency is a good idea for your company.  There are many advantages of working with a staffing agency.  Staffing companies provide a wide variety of services and types of employees… from entry level positions to executive positions…from temporary placement to direct hire.

Save Time

Recruiters spend their workday finding staffing solutions. This leaves you free to do your job.  If you go it alone, the candidate search can only go as fast as your schedule allows.   Recruiting, screening, and hiring a candidate takes a significant amount of time.  Most people do not have the time to add another task to their daily activities…so leave it to a staffing agency.


If you have an increase in workload, you may not want to hire someone on a permanent basis.  You may want to see if the workload continues to increase before making a permanent offer.  Staffing agencies allow you to avoid the commitment that goes with a full-time employee.  An employer can also take this time to make sure a candidate possesses the necessary skills before bringing them on as a full time employee.

Save Money

Yes, using a staffing agency costs money…but not using a staffing agency can cost more money.  Staffing agencies manage the entire employment process resulting in lower costs associated with hiring staff to recruit applicants.  Employers also save money related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration.  

Once you have decided to use a staffing agency, make sure you partner with the right one.  Make sure the agency fully understands your needs.  Ask for references.   Know who your go-to person will be.

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