Harshi,      Oct 25 2017 10:23AM

Lacking Legos for the Holidays

Lacking Legos for the Holidays
Do you know which company was the biggest toy maker in terms of revenue and profit in 2014?
This family-owned business beat out its rival Mattel partially because of the huge success of The Lego Movie.  Lego is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family that found it in 1932.

The company made 60 billion Lego pieces last year and employees about 12,000 people.  But all is not perfect in Lego Land.

The toymaker admits it is struggling to handle the surge in demand for the stackable bricks.

  • "The high demand also puts a strain on our factories around the world," Lego CFO John Goodwin said in a statement.
  • Lego is expanding its factories in Mexico, Hungry and Denmark…but these expansions won’t help production until 2020.
  • The bottom line is there will be a shortage of Legos this year as the company can’t keep up with demand.  So if Legos are on your Holiday list this year, you might want to buy them while you can.
  • After all, there are only 63 days until Christmas!