Harshi,      Oct 25 2017 10:10AM

Healthcare Jobs in Georgia

So where does Former President Jimmy Carter go to treat his Cancer?  He stays right here in his home state and seeks treatment at Emory Health Care.

Emory is the largest health system in Georgia.  The U.S. News and World Report announced in its 2013-2014 rankings of America’s Best Hospitals that Emory was among the best in the country and the best in the state of Georgia.

As a Georgia Girl, I am thrilled that we have such great medical facilities in the state.  The wonderful facilities we have here in Georgia mean that a lot of jobs are available in the medical field.  

But there are a shortage of nurses and other medical staff.  Part of this is because the median age of nurses is 46 and more than 50% of the nursing workforce is very close to retirement age.  It is anticipated that by 2030, the state of Georgia will have a shortage of 50,000 RNs.

My advice is that if you are interested in working in the medical field…go for it!  Get your degree in nursing.  There is an almost guarantee that you will never have a hard time getting a job!

As the account manager for Synergy America, I help place a lot of RNs, MAs, and other medical staff to several doctor’s offices and hospitals in Georgia.  One thing to keep in mind if you want to work in the medical field is most major hospitals require you to not use nicotine and they do require nicotine testing.  

Of course we all know that smoking is not good for your health…but in this case…it will prevent you from getting a job.  So make sure you are nicotine free!  

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