Harshi,      Oct 25 2017 10:03AM

Most Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During the Job Interview

After speaking with many candidates and reading countless statistics, we have come up with a list of the most common mistakes made while interviewing.  These tell tell signs represent nervousness, lack of confidence, may cause you to look/feel unprepared, etc…….feel free to comment or add anything to the list!!

  1. Weak Handshake- Even for females….have a firm handshake!
  2. Lack of Smile
  3. Fidgeting
  4. Playing with hair/touching face/etc.
  5. Lack of eye contact
  6. Crossing arms
  7. Bad Posture
  8. Excessive use of hand gestures
  9. Knowing nothing about the company–winging it
  10. Lack of preparation (bring your resume, deliverables, examples of your work, etc.)
  11. The biggest thing I can tell you is be yourself, be prepared, and be confident. The employer has brought you in for an interview for a reason; show them you can do the job!!

Leigh Morse

Synergy America, Inc.

Account Executive/Social Media Coordinator